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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

just plain happy

today i am showing a card i made for my dear friend vickimay ~thankyou vicki for your support, while my life has been (extra) difficult.
i have used the fab sketch from stamp something , used my new house mouse stamp,basic grey sultry papers, doodlebug and studio g stamps, oval nestabilities, american elemants ribbon, gems from my stash.

i would like to thank all my friends for their e-mails, i`m glad to report that my final blood tests came back yesterday and the doctor is satisfied with them!! so am feeling much better, i can forget about those.
as for our big meeting with aarons school on monday ~that didn`t go to plan ~ the out come is they will not giving aaron any extra support or going forward with having him statemented!! ~as they feel he is coping ok at school ~ not the boy we see at home ~ i`m to tired to fight any more ,but for paul it has made him determined to fight for aarons education and well being!! on a positive note , they have given some flexability on aarons homework, knowing how it is effecting the family ~so he can do work on the computer and hand that in.

time for a milky coffee and some nice cake, byeeeeeeeeeeee xx


Macpurp said...

a mixed bag this week eh! good you are feeling better. and I hope that things get sorted out with the school...why do they make it harder when it is hard enough already??


beautiful, colourful card!
hugs xx

enjoy your cake xx

fairymadjo said...

hi hun, what a stunning card hun, i love your new stamp sooo sweet.
i just want to say about aaron hun, anthony is statemented hun, if ever you want to talk about it or if you want some link's to ppl that can help you hun, you know were i am , its so sad that we have to fight for what our kids realy need.
soo glad the news was good from dr. sending you very big huggs jo

ink'n'rubba said...

sending big hugs to go with that coffee and cake! glad your bloods were ok and you are feeling a little better. You made a beautiful card with that cute House Mouse stamp, your friend is bound to love it. hugs, annie x

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, such a sweet card!! I am glad your blood work has improved and the doctor is pleased with your test. Glad you are feeling better. As far as you son, we will always fight for those who are too young to have a voice. Hang in there! Lean on your friends...we are hear to hold you up!

Heather Lee-Reppen said...

So glad you are feeling better! Your card is absolutely adorable! Just amazing! Have a great day!


This card is stunning Vanessa, your friend Vicki-may will love it. I am going to try and follow you again, if im not there you will know it hasn't worked. Fingers crossed!!! Hugs to you Linda x

My Paper World said...

Hi Nessy! I'm so sorry to hear that your life has been difficult lately. I've enjoyed looking at your latest creations and I am going to pop back again when I have more time, to check out all your gorgoeus creations that I have missed!
Sending hugs!
Nicola xx

Catherine said...

I'm so glad to hear some good news, hope all is well in the future :)

Donna said...

Hi Nessy, sorry your having such a difficult time, sounds like you've been through a lot, sending you big hugs. Your card is beautiful, love the colours, love that stamp. I'm still having trouble following you but i'll keep trying, take care. Donna x

Kari said...

Your card is gorgeous!! Love the colors, the image, and the paper!! I hope things will get better soon! :O)

CraftyC said...

Hi Nessy,
We heard the exact same with Daniel, That is when we got a specialist solicitor and have never looked back. Keep on them, anything negative, and ask for a contact book, so they can give you a day by day account of how he's doing. You need to find the schools weaknesses, anything to support Aaron! Email me at some stage.

Emma said...

Oh babe I just don't know what to say. I don't think hugs are going to help right now are they? If you ever need anything please just shout me. Lots of love Em.x

moonrise said...

This is so sweet! Happy to hear you are feeling better Vanessa.

Shary said...

Beautiful card love the HM stamps.
Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the school. Seems the norm these days!!

Chrissy said...

Hi there Nessy, what beautiful card. I am glad ur blood test cames back ok and sorry that the school are still being hard work. You seem to see it everywhere now, I guess its all about money really. Good to hear you are not alone, the support network seems to be going up, I hope they provide you with lots of ways to keep on at themm Hugs ChrissyXX