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Sunday, 28 September 2008


well today is my birthday ~surprise surprise ~all the fours today!! where do the years go??? why am i not wearing pearls and twinset?? and sensible shoes?? isn`t that what ladies do once they hit their 40`s?? actually i do like to wear sensible shoes, don`t like the loud "pop" music in clothes shops and am gradually turning into a grumpy old women!!! (when you keep remembering the "good old days"!!!)
well to celebrate my birthday and the fact i have over 12,000 hits ~i thought i would add some blog candy to be won today. i`m calling it my "bits and bobs" ~ just a box of items we sometimes need when creating , some 12x12 papers, vellums, A4 papers ,ribbons and embellishments ~also some stamped images (will stamp what ever you would like , (i use watercolour card) have shown my new cuddlybuddly ~but the choice is yours) ~can get a better look when you click on the pic!!
so , to enter for my blog candy, all you need to do is :~ when you have created your girly card/or anything creative with some glitter on it (you know how i love my glitter) from now until the 28th of september, just leave a link to it on my blog and a link on your blog to mine telling everyone about my candy!! there is no need to make a card just for a chance to win some candy ~ just include any card you have made and you are showing on your blog!!
i will put all the names into a hat and my boys will select a name!!
cannot wait to see your girly, glittery cards!!
hope you have a great day , byeeeeeeeeeeeeee xx

thanks , xx


Macpurp said...


Hope you have a lovely day.

will have a go at glittery later on,

Annie said...

Happy Birthday to you ol' girl! you have a way to go to catch me up though, and I'm all for sensible shoes, or flowery wellies!
Have a fabby birthday.
annie x

Just call me G said...

Ohhhhhhhhh thats a surprise,

I came over to wish you a Happy Birthday and find that you are the one giving presents!!!

I'm at the double 4 age.. and love sensible shoes... have been known to want the cinema to turn the sound down a bit.. ( tho I was in my 20's then!) Regularly moan about how things have changed!!!

Anyway forget all that and just enjoy the day... and it looks like a nice day out instead of rain.. YAY!!!!

I'll come back and do something about entering the candy..

Gina x

~Emma~ said...


Ok its a rubbish poem but I do hope you have a fantastic day babe!
Birthday hugs,

Unknown said...

I came over to sing Happy Birthday too ... looks like everyone beat me to it!

Happy Birthday hun ... I shall be all the fours on my next birthday ... so you are older than me ... just *LOL*

Sammi said...

Hope it's a lovely day for you!!


Vicki said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Happy Birthday to you !!!
Happy Birthday dear Vanessa
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

I hope you have a really lovely day Vanessa. How kind of you to being giving away goodies on your birthday. I shall have a go at your challenge in the next few days.

Luv 'n' hugs xx vicki xx

Did you get your card from me, I posted it Thursday. I hope it arrived safely.

Unknown said...

Vanessa, I do hope you have a wonderful day. Sorry I didn't notice in time to get a card to you but the sentiment is there..whatever you do, I hope you have a great time - Big hugs - ChrissyX

Jo said...

Happy Birthday Vanessa...we must be the same age now 'cause I went back a year on my last birthday!!! Hope you have a great day :0)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Vanessa!! I hope you have an awesome birthday!! Hey, haven't you heard that the '40's are the new 20's! You are getting younger instead of older!!!

Karten-Stempel-Chaos by Inge said...

I hope it`s not to late to wish you a happy birthday!
Your blog ist great.
Thanks for the chance to win


Tracey said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday, tried a few times to leave it yesterday, but it wouldn't let. hope you had a nice day.


Becky said...

Belated birthday wishes Nessy!! Will get working on my card!!
Love Becky xx

V Colbourne said...

Happy (belated!) birthday!! Hope it was a great one. Here is a "girly" card I made a while back (it was my first card ever), hope it counts :) Cheers!

V Colbourne said...

Oopsy, here's my link:

CraftyC said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday Vanessa, will see if I can find a card to enter your blog candy, great prize!!!!

Gia Harvey said...

Belated happy birthday - hope you had a good one!!! Link on my blog.

Unknown said...

I did has glitter :D

Unknown said...

Happy birthday! great candy!

here is my post with card for you

gillyflower said...

happy birthday still beating you by a year and a bit
have a great day

jo said...

have great day hun, huggs jo x

Vicki May said...

oooo I'm up to date, forgot to say on the last posting that you had some beautiful cards. They were so lovely. Just wish mine was with you too. big hugs Vicki oxo's

Silvanaa said...

Heppy Birtdhey!!!
I dont inglish.

Cathy said...

Happy birthday to you - have a great day.

I have a card on my blog which is glittery, well very glittery, but not girly. Will it do?? It is here.
Cathy xx

Nessie said...

Hi Nessie,

I have not had time to craft or blog for a long time now. So I was delighted and a little spooked to discover my first blog visit back & its your birthday!!!!!!

I think all Vanessa's are psychicly connected or something lol!!!!

Have a fab 40th, will try and enter your comp. I am so useless with the links thou lol!!!!!

All the best, I am off to catch up on your fab cards!!!!

Nessie ;)

Maria Matter said...

Happy Birthday, Nessy! What a great way to celebrate!
Here's my card for you, I hope you like it!
Glitzy Swanky Kitty Gal
Blessings, Maria

Kamaftut said...

Happy birthday Vanessa! great candy!

Link on my blog

Best regards


sky said...

Happy Birthday Nessy!! :)
Here's my card! Hope you like it :)


Kamaftut said...

Oopsy, here's my link:


Lesley said...

Hope you had a great birthday Vanessa xxx

Crafting Diva said...

Hi I have put a link on my blog for you hope you had a fab birthday and thanks for the chance to win another fab blog candy

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!
and Great Candy! I have placed a link on my sidebar!
Lauren xx

Petra said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I have linked a card...its really difficult to show glitter on a photo.

rosaliaa said...

happy birthday

unlucky I don't have any glitter card :( hmmm... what a pity
maybe.. but maybe you will like some of these :D hi hi.. there is some "glitter" paper :D,262146,21.html?479714

Macpurp said...

have at last done a glittery card.
it's here

it's the cat in bra card....with extra glitter!!!

love Tina xx

Sally said...

Happy Birthday, hope you had a great time, congratulations on sooooooooooooooo many hits, fab.
Sally. x

Hazel said...

Happy Birthday, Nessy (glad I found your lovely blog via the new BG challenge blog). I've posted a message about your candy and shown two glittery/bling cards:

Becky said...

Hi Nessy! Happy belated birthday!! Here is the card I have made!!
Love Becky xx

ribenaruby said...

Hope your birthday was a good one. Just found your blog today .. some brilliant creations! My Card

Karin said...

Hi Nessy,

happy b-day to you.
I made a link on the right side of my blog, and here's my girly card.

Have a great weekend,
xoxo karin

Vicki said...

Hi Vanessa, you have given me a giggle reading through this post....hehehe!!!!

I have just put my girly card on my blog, thanks for the opportunity, some lovely goodies there xx vicki xx

p.s you may have to scroll down just a bit to see it. thanks xx vicki xx

Ali said...

Hi Vanessa,
Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one! and congrats on 12,000 hits! Thanks for the chance to win this great candy!
I will soon be 40 and have just bought my first pair of sensible shoes and at a party the other night caught myself commenting about the music being too loud to talk properly! I used to dance all night and not worry about talking too much! how times have changed!
Anyway I have put a card and a link on my blog Here
Good luck everyone!

Sharon said...

Belated happy birthday, hope you had a great day & got lots of lovely goodies.
I think I can feel my MOJO stirring lol!!!
Will be back before the 28th with a glittery card.
Sharon :-)x

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Happy birthday!
here is my entry

Mary said...

I love glitter too!
Happy Birthday!
My card

Victoria said...

Happy birthday. Thanks for offering such fab candy. I have left a link on my blog and have posted a 'glittery card' just for you!
Hugs, Vicky x

Asamandra said...

Happy belated birthday! And even though I didn't post anything glittery (that's because I haven't got anything glittery - shocking, I know) I hope I may still enter for your blog candy with my pink card that I made last weekend. Your prize looks absolutely fantastic!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Scrappin in my spare time said...

Happy Birthday... I love your work by the way.

Annie said...

I've made a card for your blog candy! It's pink and green and with quite a bit of glitter so hopefully fits the bill! you can see it here
hugs, annie x

Mrs Mac said...

I won't join in, you have quite enough! But just to wish you a belated happy birthday. I'm facing 41 in November and agree with you on everything re- loud music in shops, comfy shoes, etc etc LOL!

Angelo said...

Oh happy belated birthday. I have made a card to join in on you blog candy giveaway, and you can find it in my blog right here.

Caroline said...

Hi Vanessa,
Fab blog! I have posted about your candy on my blog there is a card on there with glitter that I made for Vicki's candy and was wondering if that will do? Thanks for this fab opportunity. Caroline x

Unknown said...

Hi Nessy and Happy Birthday hope you had /have a lovely day, I have posted a link on my blog and you can visit my creation here

Stellina said...

Hallo Nessy

Nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag.

Wow, was für ein grosszügiges Blog-Candy.

Hier mein Blog-Link:

Liebe Grüsse

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Happy Birthday! I'm glad to have discovered your site this week. I've posted a princess card for you. Hope it's shimmery enough. Hugs, Colleen
cbeargie {at} yahoo (d0t) com

Gill said...

Congratulations on your 12,000 hits and happy birthday (gosh I'm so late!!), thanks for a chance to win fab candy, would just love all those bits and bobs, I've linked you on my blog and you can see my card here . it was for my mum so I suppose that's girly and it does have a bit of glitter
lv Gill x

Shary said...

Happy Birthday Nessy!! You've caught up with me.:0)

My glittery card is here

Your candy looks fab!!

Karen said...

I have done 2 glittery cards with you in mind Nessy and I'll nominate this one for you to 'make a wish'.

/Stine said...

Hello ;)

i made 3 glittercards thinking of you. Happy birthday.

Hugs from Norway


Liza said...

Fab candy. My girly card is here

Thanks for the chance of winning.

Liza x

Marcea said...

Happy birthday hun
here is my card but the glitter doesnt show up too well so here is another just to make sure you get your glitter fix. Have posted a link on the right hand side of my blog

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Vanessa.
Great candy, thanks for the chance to win. My girl card is here:
Hugs, Andrea

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Happy Happy Birthday Vanessa, what a great Blog with a great Candy.....

Thanks for the chance to win.


Marcea said...

sorry hun, I am going daft, lol, made the links completely wrong (blonde moment)
here is my card and here is another
Hope they work now!!


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