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Saturday, 1 March 2008

magnolia painting

here we are day 7 of my blog!!! what i have learnt this week is mind blowing!!!!the things i can do on a computer now!!! which hasn`t left much time for crafting (or anything else come to think of it!!)
yesterday morning i stamped and painted some more magnolias -gate, birch tree, small presant and some grass!!(all for my easter cards) as you can see over the last month i have been slowly stamping and painting my magnolias , in nice spring colours,( and then putting them in bags), chosen some papermania spring and easter papers - just need time to sit and create them now!!!!
seems two more ladies have joined SBS 13 ladies - welcome!! fairymadjo -emailed me yesterday having trouble getting her list on her blog!! ended up phoning her and chatted for ages!!- hope i have helped jo ( i had frans help on that one)-i`ll pop in and check today!! that will make jo get it sorted!! LOL
lastly a big thank you to all of you who have left comments on my blog -nice to know i`m not sat here writing to myself!!!
have a fantastic saturday, oh! do you like my peppa piggy pet??? lewis loves feeding her with the apple (click on more,and drag the apple!!) byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xx


Vicki May said...

oooooo wow, I love the trees and the fence and the grass and the presents. Not seen anyone on ebay selling these stamped images. Maybe you should have a go. I pay £1.75-£2 for 12 images, plus of course p&p. Bet there is loads of people like me that can't stamp.
And this blog is looking so cooooool as the girls would say. Loving everything on it, how does Lewis give the pig an apple? big hugs Vicki oxo's

Vicki said...

Hi Vanessa, thanks for commenting on my blog. Wow!! congrats to you, I love your blog, fantastic cards.Isn't blogging so addictive though

Because you were the third person to leave a comment on my blog, you have won some PIF candy. So if you could email me your address ., I will send you some goodies. It is now your turn to do the PIF candy three other people. Will visit you regularly now I know where you are. Happy blogging xx vicki xx

Frances said...

wow, you have been busy Vanessa, you've got loads there and the colourings fab! See you've won some PIF as well now, lucky you!

fairymadjo said...

hi nessy lol
my sis , well love your stamping, and thanks again for help jo x

Richelle said...

I just love your magnolias...I am so jealous!