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Thursday, 27 March 2008

calling all SBS 13 sisters!!

well it seems it`s time to get us sisters together ~ are you interested in more cardswops and all being added to a birthday list??? if so e-mail me (found in my profile) or jo (onlyjoking)!!
over the next week , we will get names and info together and by saturday 5th we will put up another post ~and co~ordinate you all with more information!! ( does that make sense) i`m sure jo is making a better job of this than me!!LOL
wait to hear from all my SBS 13 sisters!!
vanessa xx


fairymadjo said...

good luck ladys , hggs jo x

Vicki said...

oooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!I wish I was in your group, ours is naff, no-one bothers anymore and have just found out that two have resigned. I think I'm gonna join the next group. Sorry Vanessa, don't mean to sound like moaning minnie. xx vicki xx

She said...

I'm off to send you an e-mail!


Angie C said...

I've already sent my details to Jo, but will email you now too

Richelle said...

Thanks vanessa for doing this....I think I have all my info over to Jo.


nessy said...

thanks girls!! jo and myself are getting the list together , so hopefully at the weekend you will have all the details!!!
vanessa xx