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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

thanks for the award angie!!

as you can see angie c awarded me " you made my day" thankyou angie!!
here is 10 crafters who have made my day:-
angie c
fairymad jo
(and last but not least a non blogger but leaves comments every day )vickimay!!
thankyou all for your support since i started my blog and for such inspirational work you all do, found on your blogs - where i can browse and learn!!! will leave a comment on your blog (e-mail vickimay) !! enjoy!!
vanessa xx


Vicki May said...

Thank you for my award Vanessa, I've copied it and printed it. Put it on the fridge later.
Your blog is getting better and better. Maybe when I get a little time in the summer holidays I'll put something on mind. Big hugs and well done to all the other crafty ladies who blog. Will have to start putting comment of some of yours if you don't mind. Take care Vicki May

Frances said...

Thanks Vanessa! glad to see you are settling into blogland :)

fairymadjo said...

thank you hun, but a bit lost lol

Jo said...

Thanks for my award Vanessa. Sorry I haven't been around much, hope to have a day to myself tomorrow to do some crafting!!

Kari said...

Thank you so much for the award! It made me smile and made my day!!! Thanks! :O)