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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

look what i`ve got!!

lucky girl i am!! my bestest friend vickimay has sent me loads of quickutz double tags- i so love these but this die has been discontinued!! she has also made me this fab card!! thankyou vickimay -they will be used!! ~ we did a bit of a "swop", i stamped loads of images for her , as not being a blogger she could not enter my PIF candy ~ but loved the images - so did her an extra one (just with images!!)- think i could be doing some more for her , once the new stamps arrive!!
well have just tried to add my card i sent vickimay and it has found it`s way to the top of the page!! CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?? (if you are reading this and know how i can add more than one picture (but not together on the top of the page -please let me know!!)
anyway the card i sent vickimay is very much the same as my pif candy ones (slightly different)-to be found at the top of the page!!! is it going to be one of those days??? wind is still howling out side!! has anyone noticed the change in their edit page?? added feedjit last night - poof!! it`s gone!!-cannot scroll down to add another!!
well hope you not having one of "those days" , byeeeeeeeeeeee xx


Vicki May said...

Hi my bestest friend too. I would like everyone to know, what a lovely lady Vanessa is. I sent just a few tags and I get a whole load of stamped images. I was so chuffed when I got them. It will keep me going for a while. Hope your day gets better, oooo I hope you get everything sorted, cos if I start a blog in the half term I will need your help lol big hugs Vicki May

Vicki May said...

Hello again, I've just seen I can add to other blog lol. And I've put something on my profile, which I didn't know I could do lol. Think I'm getting sucked in lol.

Vicki said...

Hi Vanessa, I have just received a lovely comment on my blog from your friend, vicki may. I don't think I can get in touch with her direct cos she hasnt a blog, so could you please say how grateful I am and how much I appreciate her taking the time to view and comment on my blog, thanks very much, take care xx vicki xx

Gia Harvey said...

Lucky you!! Great tags! Sorry can't help on the edit thingy.

fairymadjo said...

ww great card lovely goodies huggs jo x