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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

some challenges!!

sorry i wasn`t about yesterday , will explain later (did anyone even notice??) well today i`m showing a card i made for Nicki (best friends daughter) as she has been offered a place at her chosen uni!! well done nicki ~ big step towards your career and dream of dancing your way through life!! yet to see you perform on stage ~ i hope i do one day!!

had this card in my head, then saw the challenges for scrummystash cafe ( saying, quote or proverb) and the magnolia challenge (mix and match ~your magnolia stamps) so both challenges rolled into one!!

used k&co papers, the saying is ~"laughter~is music of the soul" , dancing tilda ( leg cut and moved) and tilda wearing apron head, some pink organza ribbon,pink heart gems and glitter!!

enjoyed making this card ~as it was for someone special~and girly pink!!

now i had a very busy day yesterday!! dropped my husband (paul) and oldest son (aaron, 10 years old) to the station early , as they were going to earlscourt (london) to visit the "dr who exhibition!!" (big surprise for aaron) the diplays were fantastic, but aaron found it too dark, loud and scary!! ( he has aspergers syndrome, so is hypersensitive to many experiences) ~ such a shame as he loves dr who!!
so , headed to the science museum (which he loved) and a tour of the land marks of london ~ so when they got home after 10pm, they were so tired , but excited with their news!!

aaron loved seeing ~the queens house (flag was flying) and was sure he saw prince william in his land rover!!!
i spent my day with my MIL , and my youngest son, did some craft shopping!! later spent our evening with my parents!!
hope you all have an exciting day today, who knows what may happen!!


fairymadjo said...

hi nessy,
yes i missed you. wow your card is just so stunning, love the stamp you have used.
i'm sorry to read he got scared. i bet he will be watching "dr who" on saT? they are big fans here too. huggs jo x

Andrea, said...

Wonderful card and a great mix of images. I'm sorry your son was scared of the Dr Who exhibition we went to Manchester and it was fabulous at least he will get to watch the new series on Sat

Vicki May said...

Yes it's a great card, pride of place on the sideboard. Thank you. Great pictures of Aaron. A least he saw some of it, and enjoyed London. Big hugs for now Vicki May oxo's

Angie C said...

Lovely girly card Vanessa :-)

Looks like Aaron had a great time yesterday

Allison said...

This is lovely Vanessa...I have never seen this stamp before (they always seem to be just sitting or standing)...what fun!

Frances said...

LOL your mix & match is so funny, love it. Shame Aaron couldn't fully enjoy the dr who exhibit but sounds like they had a good day anyway (and you too - what more goodies did you get then?!) x

Lesley said...

Lovely card Vanessa - laughed at your description of cutting and moving poor Tilda's leg!! xxx

Vicki said...

Hi Vanessa, sorry to hear that the Dr Who exhibition was to loud and scary for Aaron, but it sounds as though his day ended better, glad he enjoyed the rest of the sights. Some lovely pics you have shared with us, thanks. Love your 'mix-up' card, good luck with the challenge. I am sooo sorry for keeping you waiting, regarding 'sneaky peak', but it has now been revealed if you want to have a nosey on my blog xx vicki xx

Samm said...

Very cute card! thanks for joining in with our challenge!


Anonymous said...

Pretty card! Glad Aaron still had a nice day! :)


Kari said...

Cute card!!! Great pics of your son too!

theresa said...

great card...:D thank you for joining in with our quote challenge...:D

Maria said...

Lovely card! Thanks for taking part. Maria x