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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

thankyou ~and your tagged!!

firstly today i would like to say a big thankyou to jo (onlyjoking) for this stunning card!!! it says "whoo hoo" on the front and "we did it!!" inside . so sweet of jo , as we have been getting the SBS13 group together for swops etc, and finally got our first card swop under way this weekend!!(only jo had plumbing trouble , not her , her loo,) so she couldn`t send out all the e-mails to the members taking part , so i had to do it!! so jo sent this card and a lovely bar of swiss chocolate(now eaten)~ really didn`t have too , as we are a team , ( jo typed up all the addresses and birthday lists!!) so swings and roundabouts!!

well, fairymadjo, ( ~ SBS13) HAS TAGGED ME!! i have to write 7 interesting facts about me!!mmmmmmmmm going to prove difficult, i`m always talking about my boys , not me!!

1. i am the only right handed person in this house , all the boys (including husband) are left handed!!

2. love the "time team" on tv ~ wish i had been an archaeologist ~ but hate the cold, wet and getting my hands dirty!!

3. worst holiday~ the airlines lost my luggage going to and coming back from thailand, while in thailand had a motor bike accident, and spent most of the holiday , bandaged foot and leg (visiting the hospital every day to have it cleaned and rebandaged) on the way home the aircraft lost the power of one engine so stopped off in bombay (took off twice ~then the airlines decided to go back , land and stay in bombay ~stranded there for 27 hours on my own, the indian authorities even took my passport)

4. had to be rescued at my local swimming pool, as found i couldn`t make it back to the side of the pool (aged 30 years old!!)

5. don`t drink alcohol, but love rooibos tea and milky latte coffee

6. love chocolate ~all types milk, white then dark, but hate the small chocs in gold wrappers " ferrer roche!! " see can`t even say the name!!

7. i`m only 5ft tall and a size 3 shoe, ~ can often find clothes and shoes in the childrens sale (only my oldest child has informed me that is "so not cool") so have stopped that ~mind you all my money goes on crafting stuff, haven`t got myself clothes for months and months!!

so there , i have found some facts , maybe not interesting , but found 7!!

again everyone has done this (tagging) so if by chance you haven`t and would like to , please find yourself "tagged"

hope you have a good day, do something interesting!! byeeeeeeeeeeee xx

ps ~ now have my new washing machine, it is quietly washing as i write!!


Vicki May said...

ooooo didn't know Paul and boys were lefties lol.
Some good fact there. And love the card from jo. Can't believe you don't like F R (won't say the name). They are Mandy's favourite and we alway have to buy huge box for Christmas/Birthdays.
Well happy washing today with your new machine big hugs Vicki oxo's

Frances said...

very entertaining - you're diddier than me (I'm 5ft but sz4 shoe!) and sound like my sis, she fits kids clothes too. No chance for me, too 'rounded' in the middle LOL

fairymadjo said...

lovely card, great read, jo x

She said...

Lovely card :-) I received mine off you today - I love it. Thank you xxxx I love Penny Black stamps. Your's is in the post - I'll blog them both when you get yours! Thanks again - it's got pride of place in my craft room :-) xxxxx

Angie C said...

What a cute card you received Vanessa and great facts about you and yours

Gia Harvey said...

Great facts Vanessa! We just got a new washing machine too!! Can't belive how quite it is compared to our old one.

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Great card and fun facts! I enjoyed reading them. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful facts you shared. Amazing that you are the only right handed person in your family. I don't think I would go on an other trip after the one to Thailand. Love the card you made! The card looks like a version of milk chocolate in color.

Jo said...

You do make me giggle!!! and you deserved the chocolate and the card. Thanks for your hard work!